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Large hand embroidered Victorian cape c1890.  Embroidered in the same style as the antique piano shawls of the same era in a creamy colored white silk.  The top center contours into a soft "V" shape and measures 90 inches across (this includes 8 inches of macrame and tassels at each side).  The center to bottom measures 47 inches (including 8 inches of macrame and tassels).  Most of these capes were made with 2 medallions in the back, this one is the exception with 3 medallions joined by intertwined strings.  The bottom medallion adorned with three elaborate tassels.  The front closes with two strings that end in a three pronged tassel, each string and tassel 25 inches in length.  The condition is very good with some reinforcement of the stitching both by modern machine and hand to reinforce threads that had given.  A couple of very minor light stains one needs to look for to find. 
CJC4       $750.

Hand embroidered large cape shawl c1900 in crepe silk, with Chinese characters embroidered in the fabric, possibly a signature or description of the textile. The cut of the textile is straight across the top and the center back is short and ending in an open bottom reverted "V". Measures 123 inches across (includes 10½ inches of macrame and fringe). The center back to bottom where the corners of the "V" meet measure 22 inches.  If measured to the bottom of the tassel fringe would  measure 35 inches.  The cape closes with four strings (two on each front side).  Each string measures 15 inches long, including the elaborate tassel at the bottom that measures 5 inches in length.  The shawl or cape is further adorned with two stringed tassels in the back.  These two tassels would have added a nice finishing touch as they rested over a late bustle skirt in the Victorian era. 

Very good and wearable condition with 3 fringe tassels that are lightly stained, a tiny hole slightly bigger than a pin hole and a few very small age discolorations one needs to carefully look for to find. 
CJC6          $725.